Safety is a way of life at Muckleroy & Falls. We know that the construction business has inherent safety risks, so we instituted our, “Think Safe, Live Safe” program to proactively educate and train our employees and subcontractor partners in an effort to entirely eliminate accidents on site.

What Safety Looks Like

We host onsite safety meetings once a week for each active job. This ensures that every team member has safe conduct at the forefront of their minds at the beginning of and throughout each project. We also hold mandatory safety gatherings with each of our subcontractors and their teams to ensure that they are aware of and maintain our high safety standards.

Learning Safety

Safety will never be sacrificed for production. Every person is encouraged to take ownership of their safety awareness, which is why we offer continuing safety education to our team members. We believe that this investment pays off every time—and not just for us. Our clients, industry partners, and families all reap the rewards of a safety-minded workplace.

Safety is for Everyone

Muckleroy & Falls leaders make safety discussions a regular part of their schedules. They meet with field staff and project managers bi-weekly to cover a variety of relevant safety topics, guaranteeing that care and mindfulness are at the forefront of every project. Because living safely is not just a job site requirement, we feature a safety-related article in our company newsletter every month.